Custom Application

Outsourcing application services is a key component not only of the vast majority of western Bihar and Jharkhand businesses, but also the economies of customer and service provider countries.

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Packaged Application Services

Software product manufactures operate in a highly competitive and dynamic global environment. The challenge is to keep up with technology changes as well as changing customer needs, all the while, getting better products to market, faster than one's competitors.

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e-Business Solutions

e-business is more than just e-commerce. All major industries are looking for having an e business strategy with an e-business model at its center. e-Business enable companies to link internal and external data more efficiently and flexibly, to work more closely with suppliers and partners, and to satisfy the needs and expectations of their targeted segment customers better. With Internet buying growing at a very rapid space, it will not long when all shopping would be done virtually.


Portals are web-applications that enable companies to unlock internally stored information and provide users with a single gateway of personalized information and knowledge to make informed business decisions. Portals are designed to aggregate, streamline and simplify Business to Customer (B2C), Business to Employee (B2E) and Business to Partner (B2P) communications and interactions.

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Management is a complex and dynamic business environment where process, planning, execution and collaboration take centre stage. Our approach towards SCM is to have full control over the supply chain process and increase transaction speed.

Hear from our client James Alton (right), CEO of Now That’s Entertainment on our marketing work for him.

Business Intelligence

From 2009, businesses made an enormous investment in technology. In today's economy, where spending must be decreased, businesses are asking themselves, "What technologies have we invested in?" and "How do we leverage these investments?" However, although overall IT spending has decreased, within that spending, the portion spent on Business Intelligence and BI related technology has increased.

Hear from our client James Alton (right), CEO of Now That’s Entertainment on our marketing work for him.

Independent Verification & Validation

In today's business environment, an application that fails is not just is a bad piece of software, it has an adverse impact on your business. Software quality is created and assured by efficient testing, and testing services have emerged as a critical specialized functional area within the IT domain.


Offshore SAP Development and Support Services PI Systems offers offshore end-to-end development roll out and support for existing SAP R/3 and my SAP Business Suite installations.

Modernisation Services

Enterprises that run their mission-critical applications on legacy platforms face the following key challenges:

IT Support Services

Your IT infrastructure needs regular care and attention to keep it robust and relevant as technology adapts. Whether we built a  website for you, or if you are just looking for a new supplier, we can give you the support that an in-house IT team would.

Hear from our Technical Lead, Oliver Harrison (right) in his Webmastery series, designed to help non-tech staff understand how the web works.

App Development

Create a product your customer really needs
Today is the world of the app. Accessing the mobile customer these days seems to be increasingly app dependent. But so many apps are vanity projects. Our experienced team can help you create a product your customers will find useful and reliable – the key factors of a good app, and they’ll come back to time and again.