Global Enterprises are multi skilled and large organisations involved in varied businesses. There are 2 areas in ICT common across all organisations whether large or mid-size.

Make your brand memorable.


Healthcare providers & medical professionals world over concur that the only way to consistently grow and deliver in the long run is by approaching health care scenario from the patient's end i.e. adopting what we call as the 'Care Culture'.

Make your brand memorable.


The education sector world wide is undergoing a revolutionary change with the introduction of new age business processes. The drive being "Learning rather than educating" and "Education for all ".


The ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) revolution has brought in a paradigm shift in the way governments and administrative bodies are functioning across the world. It is being said that in the future, "either there will be 'e-Government' or no Government".


Involvement is a quintessential aspect of sports, delivering the sport's passion and spirit in the gamut of fan-contact points requires oneness in association, which is PI Systems's inherent strength.

Hear from our client James Alton (right), CEO of Now That’s Entertainment on our marketing work for him.


Media and Entertainment firms are trying to keep up with the new technological trends and business processes. New age companies have been successful in creating a significant market share just by exploiting a service gap of traditional companies and their slowness in reacting to consumers.

Hear from our client James Alton (right), CEO of Now That’s Entertainment on our marketing work for him.


Manufacturing is the backbone of every industry which has emerged. It is also called "Mother of all business processes ". Manufacturing industries face a lot of business challenges such as


The logistics industry is the centre of all world economies because a significant portion of any country's economy is generated from movement and transportation.