Custom Applications

sourcing application services is a key component not only of the vast majority of western Bihar and Jharkhand businesses, but also the economies of customer and service provider countries.

The process of outsourcing application services has come a long way since mid 90's, the heydays of Y2k to new age engagement models and varied technology domains. What we have observed is a unique transformation of technology suiting the business rather than the other way round. This has helped many companies redesignate the IT Head roles as more business leaders than technology. We, in PI Systems, with our experience have been in the fore-front of evolving unique business and engagement models to suit these endeavours, helping to create a "win-win and keep winning" proposition. Our Custom Application Services are well equipped to provide the much-needed IT support to our valued customers to achieve their business goals.

We in PI Systems are an established IT solutions and service provider company with custom software application development and joint application development being our core strength. We have executed more than 300 projects on multiple locations, industries and technologies. Our core strength has been our understanding of our client's business, key business owner's expectations and technology requirements - a key enabler for successful delivery.

Our state-of-the-art software labs at Patna, India are fully equipped to deliver multiple offshore software development projects.

Using our proven, customizable software development project management framework, clients have realized the benefits of cost effective, flawless, and timely project completion. This framework covers the complete software development life cycle (SDLC) starting from business requirement analysis to warranty support and it has been successfully used for delivering various offshore and onsite projects with 100% satisfactory results.

PIspoke Application Development

Application development outsourcing enables an organisation to adopt to newer technologies, evolving business processes, gain advantage of domain and technology expertise. Adapting to new technological advancements for application infrastructure and successful application development and deployment remains the consistent challenge for organisations, world wide. Stringent budgets, aggressive delivery lines, lower maintenance costs and easier adoption to newer technologies are the main drivers for this trend.

We, in PI Systems, understand the drivers and enable our customers to get more value for their money they invest in our relationship. In fact, our engagements are tuned to suit this model.

Our Service Delivery Features

  • Competency in all major technologies ( MS, Java , Opens Source, SAP and Oracle)
  • Open Source Enabler
  • Technology Agnostic - we do not preach any technology as technology is decided based on the client's needs and their existing infrastructure
  • A framework based approach wherein pre-built components are used to ramp up the delivery timelines
  • A core R&D technology team used across projects to assist project teams on newer technologies
  • Proactive communication and technology project management practice
  • Pride in calling ourselves the "extended development arm " of our clients
  • Multi-domain expertise vis-à-vis industries, solutions and technologies
  • Effective and matured processes to manage IP's and Domai /Application knowledge.
  • Transparency of Operations - Offshore Visibility Development Environment

Application Management

Information Technology (IT) departments face growing pressure to improve IT's business value by accelerating the delivery of new applications and technologies and improving service to users. At the same time, studies find that basic maintenance and support of the existing application portfolio consumes up to 50% to 80% of a typical IT department's resources - posing a serious roadblock to the new initiatives and improved services that can enhance an organisation's competitive position.

In this environment, business leaders continue to be under pressure to reduce costs, or at least to get more out of current budgets. In an age when technology should be nimble and scalable, organisations are being weighed down by application maintenance costs, plus risk and reduced productivity.

Conventional wisdom says IT spend can be reduced across the board. However, these reductions can no longer be done blindly without insight into the business implications. Effective management of these applications can be achieved through a multi-shore approach. Outsourcing the management of established applications is widely recognised as an effective strategy for meeting that challenge. It enables the business to manage better the human and financial resources required to support current applications while positioning it to realize competitive advantage through implementation of enterprise applications and new technologies, and web enablement of business applications.

We, in PI Systems, have built an expertise in the Application Maintenance Services (AMS) space. Our engagements are well supported by a Robust Multi-shore Delivery Centre (MDC) model that provides better flexibility, scalability and seamless integration options for our customers.

PI Systems AMS Governance principles is used to assess the health of all existing applications at the start of any engagement. It has 5 components (BSRER).

B - Business Need
Revisit the applications to check if it matches the required business needs.

S - Single
Single framework based approach on top-down analysis.

R - Retain
Retain the application if it matches the business needs and technology fitment.

E - Extend
Extend the application to meet future business needs.

R - Retire
Retire the application if it is not solving its intended business purpose.

Our AMS Services

  • Incident Management - fixes to restore service quickly when problems occur
  • Problem Management - root cause analysis and permanent corrective actions to the problems reported
  • SLA for bug fixing
  • 3rd party application patch testing and application on to production
  • 3rd party application maintenance and support
  • Change Management and Control
  • Customer Support & Help Desk
  • Systems Administration
  • Database Administration
  • 24/7 Monitoring Services
  • Software Source Control Management
  • Detailed Application Documentation
  • Application Release Management
  • Installation of Software and License Key Management
  • Management of Service Tickets reported by internal and external customers
  • Data Creation and Management
  • Through Visibility Environments our clients (authorized users) can view project progress, documents and software versions

Application Integration

World wide, maintaining applications silos has become a revenue burner for IT organisations. Businesses have spent enormous amounts of IT budgets and thousands of manhours buying and deploying world class enterprise applications and developing and maintaining 'home grown' applications to run various business needs. As a business grows and redefines itself, the need for accessible and accurate data across the organisation is essential. Unfortunately, most of these systems inherently do not speak to one another. The only way out to make these applications integrate is to provide secured and accessible information. Management in many companies has started understanding the true quality and value of their data along with the processes which provide this information.

We, in PI Systems have been working in this space for the years and have built an expertise layer of integrating using industry standard frameworks and products.

Using this knowledge, we have created a competency centre called the Integration Competency Practice Centre (ICPC). ICPC allows organisations to integrate seamlessly enabling efficiency, speed and responsiveness of business processes.

PI Systems ICPC Governance Principles

  • Reduce integration costs and allow a larger chunk of IT budgets to be focused on business value-added systems
  • Enable return of investments from past initiatives
  • Go ground up and top down on application portfolio
  • Create an adaptive organisation that allows the business to change as the market place changes
  • Enable processes for gaining early adoption of competitive advantages whenever they arise

PI Systems ICPC Key Points

  • Delivered solutions using Integration and B2B tools like WebMethods™, SeeBeyond™ and TIBCO™
  • Implementation of integration across the modules through a common application
  • Experience and Expertise spans customized applications, leading products like SAP™ and integrated applications within and across organizations
  • Well established matured processes, with practicality and flexibility of operations

Our Services Suite

  • Integration Assessment - Assess an organisation's integration readiness, define integration architecture needs
  • Integration Governance - Provides framework for planning, developing, implementing and supporting a secure integration environment
  • Integration audit - Analyze implementation of an integration platform
  • Application to Application Integration - Creating framework for integrating incompatible systems
  • Business Process Management Integration - Extends, Optimizes and Accelerates business processes through a flexible framework
  • Business to Business Integration (B2B) - Enables secure information exchange and streamlines business processes with external entities such as Clients, Partners and Vendors