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Involvement is a quintessential aspect of sports, delivering the sport's passion and spirit in the gamut of fan-contact points requires oneness in association, which is PI Systems's inherent strength. The reality of a changing sports media landscape calls for End-2-End Media Management to deliver and secure all associated content, needing sports owners to be highly proactive to meet growing fan expectations. Our technology acquaintance & sports deployment suaveness permits clients to enjoy surety in engagement. We anticipate & persevere through all your opportunities and criticalities.

Sports governing bodies across the world are currently revisiting and revamping their operations to suit better growth and profitability and visibility for their operations. This would mean, administration systems, intranet/extranets, high traffic websites, fan portals and the like.

PI Systems had gained a niche in catering to this unique market, working for some of the largest names in this business. PI Systems's IT Services for sporting federations and clubs provide utmost synergy and business choices by leveraging performance of enterprise, partners, event and media. Sports administrations and its milieu have evolved to unique corporations, with a common goal being "To give the fans a participating experience to the fullest, while reaping the greatest value of all sporting services".

As an experienced sports IT provider, our solutions cater from the grass-roots academies to clubs and leagues to national body organisations spanning players, coaches, referees, administrators, sponsors, partners and fans. It provides every club and entity with a set of tools to effectively manage themselves, and make it easier to communicate with their surroundings and organisational hierarchy helping the all round growth of the game.
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DRM and Web-casting (DRM permits maximum legal exposure of all media by leveraging time value of content. Live streaming provides unprecedented access & coverage of rich content real-time and on-demand).
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