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World wide, maintaining applications silos has become a revenue burner for IT organisations. Businesses have spent enormous amounts of IT budgets and thousands of manhours buying and deploying world class enterprise applications and developing and maintaining 'home grown' applications to run various business needs. As a business grows and redefines itself, the need for accessible and accurate data across the organisation is essential. Unfortunately, most of these systems inherently do not speak to one another. The only way out to make these applications integrate is to provide secured and accessible information. Management in many companies has started understanding the true quality and value of their data along with the processes which provide this information.

We, in PI Systems have been working in this space for the years and have built an expertise layer of integrating using industry standard frameworks and products.

Using this knowledge, we have created a competency centre called the Integration Competency Practice Centre (ICPC). ICPC allows organisations to integrate seamlessly enabling efficiency, speed and responsiveness of business processes.
PI Systems ICPC Governance Principles
Reduce integration costs and allow a larger chunk of IT budgets to be focused on business value-added systems
Enable return of investments from past initiatives
Go ground up and top down on application portfolio
Create an adaptive organisation that allows the business to change as the market place changes
Enable processes for gaining early adoption of competitive advantages whenever they arise
PI Systems ICPC Key Points
Delivered solutions using Integration and B2B tools like WebMethods™, SeeBeyond™ and TIBCO™
Implementation of integration across the modules through a common application
Experience and Expertise spans customized applications, leading products like SAP™ and integrated applications within and across organizations
Well established matured processes, with practicality and flexibility of operations
Our Services Suite
Integration Assessment - Assess an organisation's integration readiness, define integration architecture needs
Integration Governance - Provides framework for planning, developing, implementing and supporting a secure integration environment
Integration audit - Analyze implementation of an integration platform
Application to Application Integration - Creating framework for integrating incompatible systems
Business Process Management Integration - Extends, Optimizes and Accelerates business processes through a flexible framework
Business to Business Integration (B2B) - Enables secure information exchange and streamlines business processes with external entities such as Clients, Partners and Vendors
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