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The education sector world wide is undergoing a revolutionary change with the introduction of new age business processes. The drive being "Learning rather than educating" and "Education for all ". These themes have given rise to the sector creating newer means of reaching out to wider masses and also improve the quality of education. This is also driven by the changing nature of work, the realities of the information age, new global partnerships and an awareness of the need for equal distribution of educational opportunities.

Governments and private bodies across the world have been adopting new working methods to overcome fiscal constraints, spatial barriers and other capacity-related limitations to delivery and are getting more successful in these endeavours. The expansion of ICT is driving significant changes in many aspects of the system throughout the world. At both micro and national levels, ICT has increased the effectiveness and reach of development interventions, enhanced good governance and lowered the cost of delivering quality education.

The ICT revolution has had an impact on curriculum development and delivery and continues to pose new challenges for education and training systems around the world.
These challenges can be summarised into three broad areas,
participation in the information society
how ICT impacts on access, cost-effectiveness and quality of education and
the way ICT is integrated into the learning and teaching process.
A proper design and implementation, ICT-supported education can promote the acquisition of the knowledge and skills that will empower students for lifelong learning. Owing to the paradigm shift of the educational enterprise outcome from teaching to learning, solutions require to strike a delicate balance between productivity and funding: Productivity as cost per unit, learning per student & funding as the revenue feedback of learning related institutional outcomes.

We, in PI Systems understand the vision and business direction of this industry, working with world leading universities and government bodies. We have created an expertise in designing and developing PIspoke solutions tailored for each individual business process.

PI Systems's approach towards education is to create an interactive and real-time collaborative environment for distributed learning or eLearning.
We transform technology to empower users for creating rich and interactive distributed learning experiences.
Our Industry Specific Offerings
Our distributed learning environments cover
Academic Information Systems
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Managing Virtual Class Rooms
People Performance Management (PPM)
Flexible Learning Content Creation & Distribution for Lectures, Seminars,
Generic Software Services
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