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Case Studies - G Enterprises - Application Integration
About G Enterprises
The G Enterprises group is a leading India based speciality chemical company with interests world wide.
G Enterprises - Integrating Applications to a Chemical Industry Hub

G Enterprises achieves enhanced Business to Business process integration by connecting its applications to a chemical industry hub.

G Enterprises wanted to build B2B integration with its suppliers and customers by connecting to ite own ERP using documents based on CIDX standards. Group companies like Maga Systems were running SAP for its ERP application and were using SAP Business Connector (BC) to connect to the hub. Group companies like SE that did not have SAP as their ERP were exploring alternative B2B middleware to connect with ERP.

The PI Systems's EAI Solution
PI Systems proposed that SE use a B2B Middleware to integrate its ERP. On the Movex application, custom batch interfaces were built to post the purchase order data incrementally to outbound message folders.

The middleware application performed the following tasks :

Poll the outbound message folder for new messages
Perform the code set transformations required for CIDX
Generate 'Order Create' message adhering to ChemXML standards
Create a Net envelope as required by ERP
Encrypt the message, apply a digital signature and route to ERP over the Internet

The following operations are done on the inbound messages from ERP which were posted to the B2B middleware ware (WebMethods) :

Unpacking of the ChemXML payload from the envelope
Converting the ChemXML document to ASCII files and
Posting to inbound queue of Movex after applying suitable business rules

The following were some of the technologies used for the integration
CIDX Messages and Idocs
Order Create - “ORDERS"
Order Response - “ORDRSP”
WebMethods B2B + Trading Networks
SAP Adapters, Rosetta Net Adapter
SAP - webMethods Listeners
Flow services and Java services
128 bit Encryption
Digital Signatures
Document routing to ERP
SAP Workflow
Idoc transmission failure notifications
Through this solution G Enterprises was able to integrate non-SAP systems also to the Chemical Industry Trading hub and gain from the benefits of integration.
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