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Case Studies
Case Studies - PI Desktop -  Engineering Services
About PI Desktop
PI Desktop is a leading supplier of software and system solutions to engineers and the manufacturing industry throughout the India. Some of the areas of focus for PI Desktop are CAD, CAM, Data Management, FEA, CFD, Engineering Analysis, Mechanism Design, Solid and Assembly Modeling, Virtual Machining & Stamping and Engineering Problem Solving.
PI Desktop Leverages Offshore Design Back-office providing Superior Value to its Customers

PI Desktop, a leading provider of engineering design services in India effectively taps the offshore engineering design skills so as to provide superior services to its clients, at lower costs.

PI Desktop was looking for augmented support in the areas of CAD, CAM, Data Management, Finite Element Analysis, Engineering Analysis, Mechanism Design, Solid & Assembly Modeling, Virtual Machining & Stamping and Engineering Problem Solving. More specifically the immediate need was to outsource all of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) activities to a reliable partner with industry specialisation in Automotive, Aerospace & Architectural and Engineering consultancy.

The effort involved importing CAD models received from the customer and create solid models after repairing the surfaces and assigning material properties for composite shell structures. Finite Element Analysis Models involving both linear and non linear analysis were to be generated for different load cases of assemblies of components. Suitable databases and reports were also to be generated.

The PI Systems Solution
The PI Systems team performed a detailed study to understand the specific projects at hand and the standards and specifications used. Teams were formed in the following areas :

Modeling & Assembly
To Convert 2D drawings into 3D model and assembly.
Meshing Team
To perform both free and parametric meshing of components and assembly, maintaining the mesh quality and assigning material properties based on requirements.
Analysis and Quality Assurance Team
To execute quality assurance to certify Finite Element Data for the components and complete assembly as per problem in question before running the analysis and to prepare detailed reports based on customer's requirements.

Some examples of Finite Element Analyses performed during the project are :

Side impact load of assemblies at mid span across ribs
Dropped object impact on the top of a weldment
A snagged force acting on top of a cap
The design services provided by PI Systems were delivered at much lower costs than alternate solutions. Delivery was ahead of time in most cases and design results were to the satisfaction of the customer. Most importantly a long-term relationship has been established with PI Desktop making the PI Systems team an extended back-office performing an array of engineering design services.
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