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Case Studies
Case Studies - Sunny Elec - Engineering Services
About Sunny Elec
The Sunny Elec Group from India is a major supplier of power transmissions in the Bihar Transmission industry. Sunny Elec Patna, a part of the group, installs various Electrical and power devices.
From Engineering Drawing Conversions to a Design Back-office

Delivering high satisfaction levels over multiple assignments with Sunny Elec enables us to transition from an 'engineering conversion only' provider to a high quality low cost extended design back-office.

Sunny Elec has most of its engineering drawings in legacy 2D (two dimensional) form. The primary intent of the project with PI Systems was to convert these drawings into 3D (three dimensional) models so that auto assembly based product modifications and product data management could be handled more effectively. The transition process needed to ensure that all Sunny Elec's internal standards for design representation were understood and implemented with the transition.

The Solution and Outcome
PI Systems executed a pilot project wherein Sunny Elec's 2D drawings were converted to 3D models. The conversion involved updation of details of materials, tolerances, heat treatments, finish process, manufacturing notes and title blocks adhering to the standards used by Sunny Elec. Data regarding gear specifications were updated from AK, Sunny Elec's internal software, for calculating gear data with cutter specifications. The 3D models were represented in standard outputs like VK, VKS, NS, AUZ depending on the standards followed by their customers.

Cast moldings were represented in such a way that they could be used for future mould making. The 3D models were also very useful in making product modifications easily. Product Data Management was also simplified since data could be extracted from the 3D models and exported to the Product Data Management System.

PI Systems delivered the project within the planned timeframe.

Over 20 engineers from PI Systems continue to provide services to Sunny Elec and they are organised in the following manner:

Technical Specifications Team
Determines technical specifications to be used during modeling and drawing creation.
Design Team
Performs the 3D modeling and 2D detail installation drawing creation work.
Process/Quality Assurance Team
Executes quality assurance to certify the data and also checks for the technical specification conformance.


Sunny Elec was able to execute a highly design intensive solution, of high quality with speed and accuracy at much lower costs than locally available solutions. The PI Systems team scaled to translate this benefit not only for conversion related areas but also for a number of design related areas, thereby, becoming a 'high quality low cost' extended design back-office.
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