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Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
From 2009, businesses made an enormous investment in technology. In today's economy, where spending must be decreased, businesses are asking themselves, "What technologies have we invested in?" and "How do we leverage these investments?" However, although overall IT spending has decreased, within that spending, the portion spent on Business Intelligence and BI related technology has increased.

There are two major reasons why the increased interest in Business Intelligence (BI): the information age and the economy. In the information age, information is power. Companies that leverage, exploit and maximize their information assets have a strategic advantage over their competitors. Business today moves at the speed of information. Getting the right information into the right hands at the right time is essential.

The visibility of performance (turns) in specific areas of business to the business owners, allow managers to analyze the profitability and improve overall business velocity.

"availability of accurate data across all management layers" is one of their top most business priority for the coming years. This being the case, Business Intelligence becomes a vital element in the application portfolio of all enterprises. Vital business decisions and analysis are done based on accurate data. The fact that BI allows an organisation to understand their data in the way they want to, makes it mission critical.

We, in PI Systems, enable our customers to get answers to question of "why?" not "what?" from their existing data. Our PIspoke solution suite delivers the entire spectrum of Business Intelligence services. Our BI assessment team consults the client organisations on its current state of BI/DW initiative, maturity and strategy. Based on which we, recommend, develop and deliver the services which can bring in requisite business benefits. A key service which we provide is end-user training which enables easier adoption as many BI initiatives fail due to lack of user adoption.

Business Intelligence Services takes your architecture, processes, technologies and tools and helps you employ them to decipher your organisation's raw data and to turn this raw data into meaningful, accurate and up-to-date information you can use to help you make better business decisions. With our services, your entire organisation becomes more productive and effective by accessing, leveraging and applying market and operational data. We identify the data required and then acquire, cleanse, enhance and transform the data to prepare it for analytics. We then implement and integrate the tools required for data acquisition, data warehousing and analysis. Plus, our consultants help coach you on the use of the tools, and we develop a metadata management system that helps you to understand and employ the right data for decision-making.

PI Systems can manage and operate your Business Intelligence solution on an ongoing basis. This capability provides end-to-end business intelligence without typical up-front costs.

PI Systems's Business Intelligence Services gives you a best-in-class approach to Business Intelligence, using leading-edge technology providers. The EDS Service Excellence Dashboard is recognized world wide for enabling senior executive decision-making and client services, providing us with unique insights on how to help you gain maximum value from dashboards.

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